Prof. Pietro Tundo
Chair of the Interdivisional Committee on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development
IUPAC Bureau Member

After Dresden, Moscow, Ottawa, Foz do Iguaçu, Durban, Venice and Moscow, the 8th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry, ICGC-8 moves to Thailand in Bangkok, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, reach of charm and culture.

The interest on Green Chemistry is strongly increasing worldwide as confirmed by the attention from International Governmental Agencies UNESCO, UNEP, OECD and OPCW to the activities in the field. IUPAC has recently recognized its importance by establishing the Interdivisional Committee on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development (ICGCSD) https://iupac.org/body/041/ , under whose umbrella the 8th Green Chemistry Conference is organized. It is expected that important connections and projects will arise with these International Agencies and other main chemical industries operating in the Green Chemistry field.

Bangkok will be an interesting opportunity for comparison and dialogue as many young researches, students and representative of international organizations will give their opinion on the best way to teach, to learn, share knowledge and deepen some of the issues addressed by the participants among a true international audience.

I’m sure that the 8th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry will be a success for the originality and the high scientific value of the contributions.

I would like to thank Prof. Supawan Tantayanon for her dedication to IUPAC through this major event, which will reinforce the dissemination and activities in the Green Chemistry field worldwide.

Supawan Tantayanon
Chair of the organizing committee 8th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry

The Chemical Society of Thailand is very proud to be hosting the 8th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry or 8th ICGC, and I am delighted to welcome scientists, experts and interested parties from around the world to Bangkok. I would like to extend a particular welcome to the early career researchers and students, who are key to the future development of our green and sustainable world.

This conference is the eighth of a series of biennial conferences on green chemistry that have firstly been held in 2006 in Germany, then Russia, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and Italy, except the 7th ICGC in Moscow recently which was organized in odd year. Accordingly, the 8th ICGC will be held for the first time in Thailand and also the first time in Asia.

Many potential problems inherent in raising the standard of living across the globe, mainly due to an ever-growing world population, the current solutions may not work in the new global economy. The need for innovative approaches has never been more important than it will be over the next two decades. The 8th ICGC is therefore a timely meeting, with the rich and attractive program under the theme “Green for Sustainable Growth: Chemistry, Scaling-Up, Economic, Regulation, Innovation, and Education”. The conference will provide an insight into the recent and future developments in green chemistry, as well as a platform for us to exchange ideas, foster collaboration and develop new partnership. Very importantly, the conference connects the world through green and sustainable Chemistry using the IUPAC network.

We are looking forward to giving a warm welcome to you, your family, and colleagues at the 8th IUPAC. We hope that you will find the conference both enjoyable and valuable, and have a chance to impress the beauty of Thai culture reflecting the local believes in Buddhist religion, enjoy shopping the local products, try Thai massage and experience the authentic Thai cuisine.

Please mark your calendar on September 9-14, 2018 for attending the 8th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry in Bangkok, Thailand.

Supa Hannongbua
President, the Chemical Society of Thailand

After Venice, Italy, the 8th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry or 8th ICGC will be held in Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. On behalf of the Chemical Society of Thailand, it is a great pleasure for me to welcome the participants from all over the world who attend the conference to exchange experience and work together a few days on the exciting field of Green Chemistry and their applications. We believe that the impact of Chemistry, that plays a major role in sustainable development, is recognized globally and now moving to Asia as being elevated by these IUPAC Conferences.

I am very proud of the endeavor taken by the organizing committee in gathering the plenary and invited speakers as well as the participants nationwide and overseas to address the challenges in establishing the Green Chemistry for sustainability. This event reflects the commitment given in engaging power to transform society to a sustainable future, and fosters the development of industrially significant, economic, and breakthrough technologies. I congratulate the organizing committee for the hard work and dedication in making this conference a great success.

I wish all the participants fruitful deliberations and believe that all of you will enjoy the sharing and exchanging of your expertise. I also hope that the conference shall further advance chemistry for life and sustainable future.

Thank you.

Suracha Udomsak
President of Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (TIChE)

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 8th International Conference on Green Chemistry 2018 (ICGC). It is being held for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand. Nowaday, Thailand has successfully transformed its economy from agriculture to export-oriented manufacturing, and integrating key manufacturing production into the regional value chain. As a founding member of ASEAN, Thailand has been developing to be a major player in contributing to the progress of the organization as well as enhancing its role on the global stage.

Global environmental issue has become one of the most urgent subject in this decade. Innovations arising from Green Chemistry and Applied Chemistry could significantly contribute to overcome the environmental issues for sustainable future.

IUPAC-ICGC 2018 has been organized to bring together leading researchers, scientists, engineers and industry professionals to exchange their experiences and create an environment of new ideas generation and sparking innovation. In the meantime, this event values the critical relationship between academia and industry. Both are remarkably crucial because academia and industry will be able to harmonize the knowledge and industrial requirement into the real practical solutions.

I do hope you have a good time and opportunity to connect with expertise from scientific community, influential entrepreneurs, and large corporate companies so that you can collaborate with people to make a great development in green chemistry.


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